Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are information entered on your browser when you visit a website or use a social network with your PC, smartphone or tablet.Each cookie contains several data such as the name of the server from which it comes, a numeric identifier, and so on.Cookies can remain in the system for a session duration (ie until the web browser is used to surf the web) or for long periods and may contain a unique identifier code.There are different types of cookies:

  • Cookie techniques that facilitate user browsing, allow access to certain areas, facilitate compilation of forms, registration, security, and facilitating functionality (video, social networking, etc.).
  • Customize cookies that allow users to access services based on their preferences (language, browser, configuration, etc.).
  • Analytic cookies that allow anonymous analysis of Internet user behavior and allow you to measure user activity and develop navigation profiles to improve websites.

So, when we access our website, in compliance with Article 22 of Law 34/2002 of the Information Society Services, in the analytical cookie treatment, we ask for consent for their use. All this is to improve our services. We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics information such as the number of visitors to our site. Cookies added by Google Analytics are governed by Google Analytics privacy policy.

Please note that you can enable or disable cookies by following the instructions of the browser that you connect to the Internet.

What they need cookies?
Some cookies are used to perform computer authentication, session tracking, and storage of specific information about users accessing a web page.These cookies, so-called technicians, are often useful because they can make web browsing and use faster and faster, for example, they facilitate some procedures when shopping online, when you trust confidential access areas, or when a web site Automatically recognizes the language you usually use.A particular type of cookie, called analytics, is then used by website managers to gather aggregated information about the number of users and how they visit the site, and then elaborate general statistics on the service and its use.Other cookies can be used to track and profiling users while browsing, studying their web browsing habits and habits (what they buy, what they read, etc.), also for the purpose of delivering targeted advertising services and Custom (cd Behavioral Advertising). Let's talk about profiling cookies in this case.This is because those web spaces are designed to recognize your PC or other terminal you use to connect to the web (smartphones, tablets), and possibly target "promotional" promotional messages based on your searches and your use of the Internet.
It may also happen that a webpage contains cookies from other sites and contained in various items hosted on the same page, such as banners, images, videos, etc. We speak in these cases so-called third-party cookies that They are usually used for profiling purposes.So cookies that you download on PCs, smartphones and tablets can be read by other people, other than those who manage the web pages they visit

Cookie and privacy
Considering the particular invasiveness that profiling cookies (especially third-party) may have in the private sphere of users, European and Italian legislation provide that the user should be properly informed about their use and express their validity Consent to inserting cookies on its terminal.

Block third-party cookies
Third-party cookies are generally not indispensable for browsing, so you can refuse them by default through specific browser features.

Enable the Do Not Track option
The Do Not Track option is present in most of the latest generation browsers. Web sites designed to comply with this option, when activated, should automatically stop collecting some of your navigation data. As mentioned, however, not all websites are set up to comply with this (discretionary) option.

Enable "Anonymous navigation" mode
With this feature you can navigate without leaving a trace in the navigation data browser. Sites will not remember you, pages you visit will not be stored in the history and new cookies will be deleted.Anonymous navigation does not, however, guarantee anonymity on the Internet because it only serves to keep your browsing data in your browser, while your navigation data will remain available to web site managers and connectivity providers.

Delete cookies directly
There are special functions to do this in all browsers. However, remember that new cookies are downloaded to every Internet connection, so the deletion operation should be performed periodically. Wanting, some browsers offer automated systems for periodically deleting cookies.



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