Fonte Bracca, the origins

Fonte Bracca, the origins

Our history is the story of the silent, no-fuss activity of men around a miracle of nature: the springs of our waters.

Water carriers of health, well-being, to be made available to the maximum number of people.Bracca orridi 02b

The Bracca Antica Fonte water takes its name from the town of Bracca, which is located on a terrace made up of marly limestone (low percentage of clay that accompanies the dolomite, calcium and magnesium carbonate) with the total absence of human activities,  which guarantees the purity of the catchment area that feeds the sources. It is the permanence in these rocks that gives the water its characteristics of alkaline-litiose water, able to favor the elimination of uric acid and digestive processes in general.

The first scientific documents on the therapeutic virtues of this water are the reports of numerous doctors, geologists, naturalists dating back to the beginning of the 19th century, but its medical virtues were already known for centuries, primarily to the inhabitants of the Bergamo valleys who used it precisely on the prescription of doctors and therapists in general.

A commercial exploitation of modern conception occurred only in 1907, with the construction of the new provincial road, which in turn allowed the inauguration of the "Fonte Bracca", including the first "drink room" and a bottling plant further downstream, near the train station.

After the Second World War a metamorphosis took place: from the Belle Epoque moved to the industrial activity of bottling and distribution.

The next steps were:

  • 1952, authorization from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to the denomination “Sorgente Bracca Antica Fonte”.
  • 1966, construction of the current plant, which occupies an area of 15,000 square meters, with the capacity to bottle more than 300 million liters of mineral water a year.
  • In the following years, other mineral water sources with different characteristics were identified, marketed under the names of mineral water Nuova Fonte Bracca and oligomineral water Flavia.

fonte bracca fiore orizzontale

Sources Bracca

With its mineral and low-mineralized pure source mountain water, Bracca has been guaranteeing health and well-being since 1907, a natural heritage that the company has continuously striven to defend and develop. Constantly updated systems at the cutting edge of technology allow the superb qualities of the water to remain the same.

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